Nostalgia Virtual Machine

The Nostalgia VM is a project that attempts to answer the question:

	What do you get, if you combine the interface simplicity, hackability 
	and 'friendliness' of 1980s-era personal computing, with 32-bit 
	architectures, gigabytes of storage, hardware-assisted memory 
	management, and, the Internet?

The VM provides a highly-portable, light-weight computing environment with some
peculiar features that may appeal to some of those whose childhood was lived
through the 1980s personal computing revolution.

The project is in the early stages, though there will be source code and goodies
to download in the near future (probably early January 2018.)

The initial package will include, the virtual machine itself, and a ROM monitor
and BASIC implementation, probably somewhat reminiscent of the Commodore 64.

Watch this space...